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             Representatives from all of the partner towns met in Tankerton to discuss future plans and related matters. On the previous day people from Whitstable organisations came and heard the delegates talk about their towns. There was also a Christmas dinner for the delegates, their hosts and helpers.  A full report will be in the next Newsletter.


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Nine members of WTA had a wonderful visit to Sweden in August.  Guests of the Mölndal Twinning group, they were provided with a packed weekend that summed up everything anyone could expect of Sweden: a visit to Gothenburg's spectacular city centre garden during the summer festival, a crayfish supper and a trip on a local ferry to an island for lunch. 

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On a beautifully warm July day, there was a large gathering in Tricia Martin's garden for the Dainville Group's annual Summer Lunch.  




Eighteen visitors from Albertslund (Denmark) came to Whitstable for a short summer visit that also included a few hours in Canterbury, a trip to Greenwich and dinner at the Plough in Swalecliffe.

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This year's Clubs & Association Fair, under the auspices of WTA, was held in the grounds of St Alphege Church. Several newcomers set up their stalls but overall the numbers were down.  Entertainment was provided by Dead Horse Morris, the Lindley Players and Phoenix Performing Arts.  Pictures in Gallery.




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